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Develop New Code Software Faster and Cheaper Save up to 80% of your Bug-finding Time

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If you’re like most software design and development companies, you spend far too much time chasing down bugs. You know your software needs to be near perfect. Every flaw gives the competition an advantage. So you spend the hours and days sifting through coding to find the small error that’s glitching up the system.

Smart developers choose Software Bug Localization with its automatic system to uncover their bugs in up to 80% less time. It’s designed specifically to work on the big projects that can demand outsized amounts of time to locate problems.

Software Bug Localization understands the needs and demands of:

  • Software Design and Development Companies
  • Systems Integrators
  • Custom Development Companies and
  • Developers

Each of you understand that time is money. The more money spent finding bugs, the less time you can spend on that great new idea. So saving up to 80% of the time you have been spending to locate bugs can be a huge advantage for you. It will help you:


  • Come in under budget
  • Reduce software development timelines
  • Use your developer’s creativity more effectively
  • Produce more products
  • Manage your risks
  • Reduce bad PR from problem software
  • Outperform the competition

In an $3.1 Trillion industry, each software design company faces stiff competition. Consider for a moment, how much time and money you currently spend searching for the coding problems. What would it mean for your company to cut that down by up to 80%? What would it be worth to you to get this technology?

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